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M2U Money® is the new generation of platform that meets all your payment and money transfer needs, open and accessible to all. A true citizen platform of financial services, easy to use, ultra-secure and reliable.

M2U Money® offers its users the following services:

  1. Money transfer
    • From person to person
    • International
    • From M2U to a bank account
    • From M2U to other operators
  2. Receiving money
    • From other operators
    • From bank account to M2U wallet
    • International transfers
  3. Merchant payments
    • With M2U Money you can pay for your purchases in your usual shops.
  4. Payment of invoices
    • M2U has established partnerships allowing you to pay directly all your current bills (water, electricity, Internet, TV, etc…)
  5. Micro-credit
    • Using M2U makes you eligible for a micro-credit.
  6. Debit Card
    • M2U Money in partnership with Visa offers you virtual and/or physical cards allowing you to make your purchases online, to pay at your merchants and to have access to any ATM around the world.
  1. Marketplace
    • M2U Marketplace allows you to securely sell or buy various products or services, create a merchant page, and receive payments instantly.
  2. Bundled Payments
    • M2U Money allows you to make bulk payments such as salaries with an unlimited number of beneficiaries.

M2U Money is open to any natural or legal person with legal capacity who is at least 18 years old. Youths aged 16 and 17 can also benefit from M2U Money services under the supervision of their parents or guardians.

  • On a smartphone, you just need to download and install our M2U Money® application available on Android and IOS.
  • On a computer with an Internet connection, you can also access M2U Money® from the Link available HERE.

Your M2U Money is available at any time and you can receive, send and withdraw money instantly and at any time by the different means we offer (our application, our agents, bank card, cardless withdrawal in an ATM, etc…)

It’s easy to access and use the M2U Money application. Download on:


Yes, access your account at any time with M2U Money.

The M2U Money® application is 100% free and requires no trial, no limitation and no payment.

  • Registering is very simple and takes no more than a minute.

    1. Download the M2U Money application from Playstore for Android or AppStore for IOS.
    2. Open the application once downloaded
    3. Click on <<to register >>.
    4. Fill out the identification form.
    5. Click on “next”.
    6. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on ” I agree and continue“.
    7. Enter the verification code received by sms; if you do not receive the code please wait a few minutes before restarting the process.
    8. Create your username, 6-digit PIN and password.
    9. You are ready to take advantage of all the services offered by M2U Money!

In addition to being free, M2U Money® offers a wide spectrum of benefits:

  • Service available 24/7
  • Interoperability between M2U Money (wallet) and UBA bank accounts
  • Integrated to the GIMACPAY system and other partners of the GIMAC ecosystem.
  • Micro-loans available for M2U Money accounts holders
  • Remunerated savings

Website specially dedicated to users

For any other need relating to the use of M2U Money, a dedicated team available 24/7 will be happy to assist you all through the process. Reach out to us now :

Customer Service

Call center

(+237) 233 506 782

M2U Money must be highly secure and protect its customers.
Having established a solid fraud prevention strategy, we have invested in a security system that meets the best international standards.

  1. We use two-factor authentication to protect your account and transactions. This means that you – and only you – can access your money.
  2. Our data risk management program is based on GDPR, PCI DSS and PCI PA DSS standards.
  3. Your transactions are secure from end to end.

When creating an account, the user is asked to create a password and a 6-digit PIN code. These codes are confidential and can only be used by the account owner. If the user forgets these identifiers, they can reset them themselves from their phone.

  • In an M2U Money partner store (We will be available on the whole territory very soon)
  • In the branches of our partner bank UBA.
  • From a bank account
  • By debiting another operator’s wallet to credit an M2U Money wallet.
  • By credit card
  • In any M2U Money partner outlet (We will be available on the whole territory very soon)
  • In the branches of our partner bank UBA
  • In cash machines
  • You can also transfer to your bank account

Contact us whenever you want if you have a question!

Our online service is available at all times and ready to receive your messages. Our support will contact you instantly.

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